By: Alyssa Saunders

Think back to a few months ago, when someone discovered that you could “hack” your Netflix by exploring adding a few numbers to your Netflix URL. For example, will get you Classic Westerns.

Plenty of websites scrambled to compile a list of subgenres to enjoy, but I’ve combed through these to find what I believe to be the weirdest, most surprising subgenres-things you usually wouldn’t even think to search for!

Belgian Movies

When I think of foreign movies, I imagine projects from France, Russia, India, China, Italy, and even Spain on a good day. But Belgium? Yes, France’s “weird” cousin has its own subgenre on Netflix, and the picks actually aren’t too bad. There’s a documentary on the Belgian music festival Tomorrowland, and if you’re in the mood for a Marion Cotillard piece, Two Days, One Night is there as well.

Silent Movies

Netflix fans of a certain age and cinema buffs probably search for this genre plenty, but to others silent movies are from a long forgotten period of time. But what’s considered the first film ever, A Trip to the Moon, is part of this genre, as well as Metropolis and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. If you haven’t ever seen a silent movie, these picks are a good start. Proof that you don’t need a lot of sound and color to make a good movie-take note, Michael Bay!

Campy Movies

If you love movies that are so over the top in terms of drama, gore, slapstick gags, and more, this subgenre has been waiting for you. Where else can you check out Zombeavers, Another Gay Movie, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, and Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs? You can also watch Team America: World Police, Sharknado 3, a couple of Scary Movies and Galaxy Quest, movies that are meta-campy. And I don’t know what First Period is about, but if it’s in this subgenre, I think I have a clue.

Experimental Movies

These definitely aren’t standard films. Here you can see Russian Ark, a film with almost 1,000 actors all filmed in one unbroken shot, Charlie Victor Romeo takes place entirely in an airplane cockpit, and The Forbidden Room, which according to the description features “volcano maiden sacrifice”. Color me interested!

Movies for ages 0 to 2

Okay, this isn’t that weird of a subgenre. But I think it’s amazing, hilarious, and a little weird that babies that can only really comprehend colors and sounds have their spot in the world of Netflix. Other than plenty of Barney, Thomas & Friends, and Winnie the Pooh movies, you can also check out The Very Hungry Caterpillar (remember that book?)  and The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything (remember Veggie Tales?).

What subgenres do you find strange?