By: Zeila Edrial

Some anime titles are only available on specific streaming sites due to licensing. This can be frustrating to an anime fan who wants to stick to one or two services, especially if he or she is paying membership fees. Two anime providers listed in thebingewatcher’s “Streaming Services that Offer Anime” story, Crunchyroll and FUNimation, announced their partnership last week.

Crunchyroll is known for distributing subtitled versions of anime (“subs”) while FUNimation is known for distributing dubbed-over versions of anime (“dubs”). The partnership will allow the two companies to share their catalogs and broaden their selections, instead of directly competing against each other. However, the companies emphasize that this is only a partnership and not a merger.

As a result of this partnership, Crunchyroll will have the subbed versions of shows and FUNimation will have the dubbed versions of shows (unless previous licensor agreements prohibits it on certain shows). Crunchyroll members will have access to subbed versions of Cowboy Bebop, Puzzles & Dragons X, D-Gray-man HALLOW, FIRST LOVE MONSTER, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and PSYCHO-PASS. Alternatively, FUNimation will have dubbed versions of 91 Days, Mob Psycho 100, Orange, Free: Iwatobi Swim Club and The Testament of Sister New Devil. The transitions of other titles will happen in phases, but the two companies hope to have it completed by the end of the year.

Additionally, FUNimation will be the distributor for the DVD, Blu-ray and download-to-own releases of Crunchyroll’s titles. These products will have both subbed and dubbed versions.

Crunchyroll will retain its prices of $6.95/month for Premium Membership and $11.95/month for Premium+ Membership. However, FUNimation reduced its price to $5.99/month for the Premium Membership, in case anime fans are interested in having both services.

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